Your Breezer Window comes standard with a black frame and clear glass. Upgrade options are available below.

From: $599.00

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SKU N/A Category

PART NO.          MAKE/MODEL                                      YEAR

CM-1                      CHEVY S-10                                            1982-1993

CM-2                     CHEVY S-10                                             1994-2004

CM-3                     CHEVY COLORADO                             2004-2012

CM-4                    CHEVY COLORADO                              2015- CURRENT YEAR

CF-1                       CHEVY C/K                                              1967-1972

CF-2                      CHEVY C/K                                               1973-1987

CF-3                      CHEVY SILVERADO                               1988-1998

CF-4                      CHEVY SILVERADO                              1999-2013

CF-5                      CHEVY SILVERADO                              2014-2018

CF-5                     CHEVY 2500 & 3500                              2015-2019

CF-6                      CHEVY SILVERADO                              2019- CURRENT YEAR

*Each Breezer Window is custom-built per customer specifications.  Standard shipping lead time is 1-3 weeks.  There is a 20% restock fee on custom orders.  We offer a 14 day inspection/return policy.  Window opening sizes vary depending on model.  Shipments outside of the continental US: Duties are the responsibility of the customer.


(CF-1) CHEVY C/K 67-72, (CF-2) CHEVY C/K 73-87, (CF-3) CHEVY SILVERADO 88-98, (CF-4) CHEVY SILVERADO 99-13, (CF-5) CHEVY 2500 & 3500 15-19, (CF-5) CHEVY SILVERADO 14-18, (CF-6) CHEVY SILVERADO 19-CURRENT YEAR, (CM-1) CHEVY S-10 82-93, (CM-2) CHEVY S-10 94-04, (CM-3) CHEVY COLORADO 04-12, (CM-4) CHEVY COLORADO 15-CURRENT YEAR

Glass Option

CLEAR $0.00 USD, LIGHT TINT (70%) $19.00 USD, DARK TINT (30%) $49.00 USD

Frame Style

BLACK ABS $0.00 USD, Carbon Fiber ( Currently Unavailable), TRANSPARENT $199.00 USD, POLYCARBONATE $149.00 USD