Breezer Windows

Breezer Window: The Best Choice For A Truck Rear Window!

We manufacture the world’s only aftermarket truck window that can be fully and completely opened.  The Breezer Window™ is a removable truck rear window that offers a huge opening compared to a standard slider window. For over 25 years the Breezer Window™ has been opening up trucks around the world.

Make summer come alive! What could be better than breathing fresh air and enjoying the open feeling on your daily drive? Because of its innovative design, the Breezer Window™ provides an extremely large opening adding comfort, convenience, and open-air freedom to your driving experience. With the Breezer Window™ options, you can have all of this on top of creating your own personalized style and custom look for your truck.

The Breezer Window™ is d.o.t. approved tempered safety glass

The Breezer Window is a retractable window that can be popped out in seconds.  The window can be completely removed, or stored in the window case behind the seat.  This is very similar to how the factory back window on the Chevrolet Avalanche operates.

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Which window makes your truck look better?

Get that convertible feel without cutting or modifying your truck’s body in any way! What other truck accessories can do that?

Breezer Frame options

You can choose your Breezer’s frame style to customize your truck even further! 
The Breezer™ frame is available in 3 options:
ABS – Textured black, paintable
Carbon Fiber pattern – Black & gray
Transparent – For an “all glass” look

Breezer's VenturiSeal Design

The Breezer’s patented latch system is much more secure than a single slider window latch, and the patented weatherproof “VenturiSeal” design keeps the water outside where it belongs.

Your truck will love it's new look. And your passengers will love the feel of fresh air breezing through!

The Breezer Window is installed exactly like your factory backed window.

Aired on an episode of “Trucks!” in 2000.

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