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Breezer Windows most frequent questions and answers

The Breezer is installed exactly like a factory window. Some older model trucks utilize a factory gasket while other models are installed using automotive window polyurethane adhesive. Any glass installer is familiar with installation procedures.

Breezer incorporates a patented latch system that securely locks the window in place and allows for quick and easy opening and removal of the window, from inside the truck.

Your truck back window already has a painted black perimeter that is about 2″ wide. It is to hide the edge of the truck’s headliner and interior plastic trim. The Breezer frame does the same thing and incorporates the weatherstrip. Also this gives a perfect surface for our Boot System to attach if you have a camper shell.

The Breezer Window comes with a one year manufacturing warranty and a lifetime guarantee against leakage, and workmanship.

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